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Arsenal Capital Partners is a specialized private equity firm with a deep focus in two sectors, Specialty Industrials and Healthcare.  Since its founding in 2000, Arsenal has raised institutional equity investment funds of approximately $5.3 billion. Arsenal has completed more than 150 transactions, including platform portfolio companies and follow-on acquisitions. 

Arsenal specializes in the Specialty Industrials and Healthcare sectors due to their attractive growth trends, large number of technology and innovation-rich companies, and opportunities to create value-added solutions.  Arsenal seeks businesses that have potential for further value creation and where Arsenal can execute its “Strategic Company Building” strategy that focuses on expanding a company’s solution offering of products and/or services, elevating its market position, addressing its limitations and risks, and compounding its growth.

Arsenal's philosophy is to partner with talented management teams, provide them with access to world-class resources and strategic capital, and develop open and constructive relationships. All with the goal of building high growth, strategically well-positioned businesses with high value-added solutions.

The cross functional Arsenal team is comprised of investment, industry and operating professionals with general management and functional skill sets that can support the growth and productivity of its portfolio companies. Arsenal resources can assist businesses in areas such as human capital, business development, international growth strategies and supply chain.

Investment Strategy

Since 2000, Arsenal has pursued its "Strategic Company Building" investment strategy of assisting in the construction and scaling of strategically valuable companies. Arsenal invests in businesses with strong market positions, differentiated technology and solutions and high strategic potential with which it can build market leaders with high value-added solutions.  Arsenal collaborates with management teams by sharing its deep market and domain knowledge, along with its technical understanding, so that together management and Arsenal can develop technology and innovation-based solutions to address growth trends and market needs.

Investment Criteria

  • Control investments
  • Companies with the capacity to utilize $50 million to $300 million of equity, including add-on acquisitions
  • Initial platform EBITDA of at least $10 million
  • Strategic add-on acquisitions — no minimum size
  • Companies with potential for accelerated growth

Arsenal carefully targets specific assets that it believes have strong market positions, differentiated technology and solutions, and high strategic potential with which it can build market leaders with high value-added solutions.