Mission & Culture

Purpose-Driven Institution

Arsenal looks to positively impact and benefit all constituencies by doing business the right way. Our values-based culture attracts top talent, connects the team, and energizes the firm. We practice these core values of integrity, honesty, trust, and respect in our daily interactions with management teams, our investors, and our communities.

Diversity of Views, Perspectives, and Experiences

Our approach to diversity underpins our strategy, model, team, and culture and brings together complementary judgment, technical capabilities, and skills to make better decisions and create greater value.

To help us achieve our goals, we have formed the following partnerships:

Responsible Investing

Building market-leading businesses requires practicing market-leading responsible investing principles.

Our Responsible Investing Policy governs the management of Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) considerations across the firm and our portfolio companies.

The policy outlines the firm’s approach to managing ESG topics throughout our organization and investment portfolio and focuses on the following key areas:

  • Investment Approach

  • Internal Accountability & Commitment

  • Investor Transparency

In connection with our ESG initiatives, we collaborate with and support the following industry organizations:

We are a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-Supported PRI), a leading proponent of responsible investing across the global, representing a global network of investors committed to integrating the consideration of material environmental, social, and governance factors into their investment principles.

We are a member of the Initiative Climat International ("iCI"), which is a collaborative working group of investors that seeks to better understand and manage the risks associated with climate change.

We utilize the standards published by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board ("SASB") as a guide to identify industry-specific ESG considerations in due diligence.

Responsible Investing Policy(opens in new window)
2022 Responsible Investing Report(opens in new window)

Giving Back

We aim to “do good” by giving back and engaging with our communities. Below are some examples of organizations with which we have engaged in the past year.