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Arsenal’s Value Demonstration Business Acquires Zipher Medical Affairs

Acquisition further strengthens market-leading medical affairs to support life sciences clients in optimizing the value of their products and accelerating patient access to medical and technological advances

January 10, 2022

New York, NY– Arsenal Capital Partners (“Arsenal”), a private equity firm specializing in building healthcare businesses, today announced the acquisition of Zipher Medical Affairs (“Zipher”), a provider of medical affairs strategic consulting services in the United States.

Medical affairs is key to biopharma companies’ ability to bring innovative new products to market, and Zipher’s strategic capabilities in this area align with Value Demonstration’s already dominant scientific stewardship position. Zipher works with life sciences companies to address their challenges, from setting up a medical affairs function to driving a product launch or optimizing the efficiency of a department or field team. Zipher specializes in oncology and works with a broad range of clients, including startups, mid-to-large pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostics companies.

Zipher provides a valuable and natural complement to Value Demonstration’s already leading position in closely aligned areas such as medical communications and health economics services. It also importantly adds value to Value Demonstration’s integrated client work, applying new business models to drive value from the earliest stages of development, creating comprehensive evidence generation programs, and providing multi-functional launch readiness support.

The acquisition of Zipher follows closely on the heels of the acquisitions of Guidemark Health and Cyan Health. The skills and services of all these companies enhance the ongoing build of the Value Demonstration organization across three core areas of focus to create an integrated combination of solutions. These areas are Value, Access, and Outcomes; Medical Strategy and Communications; and Asset Optimization and Commercialization.

Jon Williams, CEO of Arsenal’s Value Demonstration business, said: “We are delighted to join forces with Zipher, which further enhances our leading offering in medical affairs. We look forward to working with our new colleagues as we build a market-leading, global company with the mission of improving patient health by accelerating and optimizing access to medical advances.”

Peg Crowley-Nowick, Ph.D., Founder and President of Zipher, said: “We are thrilled to join this exciting and rapidly growing organization. Our combined, market-leading medical affairs capabilities form an integral part of the organization’s full-service global offering, providing healthcare clients with the highest quality insights, evidence, advice and support to realize their ambitions and maximize the value of their products.”

For more information, contact Sally Donovan-Smith, sdonovan-smith@cellohealth.com, +44 7780464331

About Arsenal’s Value Demonstration Business
Arsenal’s Value Demonstration company was formed following the acquisitions in 2020 of BresMed Health Solutions and Cello Health, and in 2021 of Guidemark Health, Cyan Health, and now Zipher Medical Affairs. The organization offers a differentiated set of capabilities across critical healthcare domains including strategy and insights, evidence generation, data and analytics, and communications – all rooted in world-class science and enabled by the latest technology. It supports clients across the healthcare industry globally, with close to 1000 employees in offices around the world, with the mission to improve patient health by accelerating and optimizing access to effective medical advances. For more information, please visit www.bresmed.com, www.cellohealth.com, www.guidemarkhealth.com, www.cyanhealth.com and www.ziphermed.com.

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About Zipher Medical Affairs
Zipher Medical Affairs is a leading provider of expert medical affairs and Medical Science Liaison (“MSL”) optimization services. Founded in 2008, Zipher has worked with a broad client portfolio including mid-to-large pharmaceutical, late-stage biotech, and diagnostic companies. The team at Zipher has over 30 years of medical affairs and MSL experience developed through positions held in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as through consulting in the life sciences industry. Zipher’s services are designed to address the road blocks its clients consistently face and integrate seamlessly to support clients’ medical affairs organizations at any stage as they excel to the next level. Zipher Medical Affairs is located in Marion, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit www.ziphermed.com.