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Meridian Adhesives Group Acquires Epoxies, Etc.

DALTON, Georgia – Meridian Adhesives Group ("Meridian") announced today the acquisition of Epoxies, Etc., a leading resin formulator of epoxies, urethanes and silicones.

Arsenal Capital Partners ("Arsenal") created Meridian in 2018 as its platform in the global adhesives and sealants sector, focusing on high-value adhesives technologies. In May 2018, Meridian completed the acquisitions of Epoxy Technology and Adhesives Technology Corporation. Subsequently, Meridian acquired W.F. Taylor, Evans Adhesive Corporation and Polycom. Epoxies, Etc. represents Meridian's sixth acquisition since its start in 2018.

Epoxies, Etc. is a leading manufacturer and formulator of specialty epoxies, urethanes, silicones and UV curable systems, including adhesives, potting compounds and coatings. Based in Cranston, RI, the company offers products that are widely used in the electronic, electrical, construction and decorative industries.

“We are thrilled to be part of the Meridian Adhesives Group,” said Michael Harrington, President & CEO of Epoxies, Etc. “This merger will enable us to continue our rapid growth in our strategic markets. Our customers and all Epoxies, Etc. stakeholders will benefit from Meridian’s support.”

“We are extremely pleased with the addition of Epoxies, Etc. to the Meridian Adhesives Group,” said Daniel Pelton, CEO of Meridian. “The acquisition of Epoxies, Etc.’s unique products further supports our vision to become the technology leader in the adhesives industry.”

Roy Seroussi, Investment Partner at Arsenal, added, “This acquisition extends Meridian into high growth sectors, such as infrastructure and aerospace, and expands our product portfolio in existing markets, mainly in electronics and medical applications.”

Epoxies, Etc. was advised by Grace Matthews, Inc. during this transaction.

About Meridian Adhesives Group

Meridian Adhesives Group is a leading manufacturer of high-value adhesives and sealants technologies. Its portfolio of solutions includes high-performance specialty epoxy, polyurethane, hot melt and hybrid adhesives for the electronics, medical, construction and infrastructure markets. The company has operations in Dalton, GA; Fontana, CA; Billerica, MA; Pompano Beach, FL; Cranston, RI; and Columbus, OH. For more information, visit www.meridianadhesives.com.

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Arsenal Capital Partners is a leading private equity firm that specializes in investments in middle-market specialty industrials and healthcare companies. Since its inception in 2000, Arsenal has raised institutional equity investment funds of $5.3 billion, completed 45 platform investments and achieved 30 realizations. Arsenal invests in industry sectors in which the firm has significant prior knowledge and experience and seeks companies typically in the range of $100 million to $500 million of initial enterprise value. The firm works with management teams to build strategically important companies with leading market positions, high growth and high value-add. For more information, visit www.arsenalcapital.com.